42 passenger party bus

• Wine/champagne chiller with overboard drains
• Lighted Igloo ice compartments with overboard drains
• Floor and overhead air systems with fully circulating
high volume blower
• Dedicated rear air conditioning unit with air return
• Second air conditioning evaporator in the rear
compartment (Extreme Air Conditioning)
• Rear heat unit for climate control
• 12 volt power port for client devices
• Rear accent lighting with overhead controls
• Illuminated rear controls
• AM / FM stereo with single CD player
• DVD player
• 27" flat screen TV in front
• 60" flat screen TV in the VIP area
• Dual battery / dual alternator system • Factory lights for forward and rear facing seats
• Insulated passenger compartment for temperature
and sound
• Custom two-sided rear floor mat
• Tinted windows in the rear compartment
• Slimline vinyl top
• Single solid divider panel for privacy
• Mirrored ceiling with multicolor fiber optic star lights
and neon
• Mirrored console with multicolor fiber optic
star lights
• Fiber optic drink rack lighting
• Mirrored divider panel with multicolor fiber optic
star lights
• Genuine leather seating
• Three LED style coach lights per pillar

42 passenger party bus: